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27 November 2007 @ 06:19 pm
赤の神紋 Divine Red Drama CD 3 - Jealous Yellow  
Japanese to Chinese translation by Tang (and Dongdong for certain segments). Chinese to English translation by me.
Main Cast
Renjou Hibiki
Kazuragawa Kei
Haibara Yuugetsu
Nitobe Arata
Okuda Kazukiyo
Kurumiya Wataru
Watanabe Keigo
Sasaki Youichi
Chuuguuji Sakura
Otowa Keiko
Mamiya Kyouko
Takewaka Takuma
Sakurai Takahiro
Seki Toshihiko
Miki Shinichirou
Onosaka Masaya
Suzumura Kenichi
Tachiki Fumihiko
Yamagishi Isao
Tanaka Atsuko
Igarashi Rei
Sakuma Kumi
Iijima Hajime

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(Track 01 - Survivor)

Track 02 - Edge of Cliff

Renjou: Komatsu Airport was covered in snow by daybreak, like a stage sprinkled with fine white powder. In order to find Sasaki Youichi I took the first flight the next day to his home state, to the town of Noto.

(gets into taxi)
Renjou: To Tomiki please, as fast as possible.

Renjou: The waves of the winter sea of Japan were surging turbulently. Looking at those waves crash against the rocks, I pondered. Anyhow, my relationship with Kei has ended, regardless of whether he misunderstood me or hated me, it doesn't matter anymore right? Furthermore, at that time, while I was watching Kei and Haibara, I felt something. I'm jealous of Kei, not of Haibara, but of Kei. The one I should have been attached to in the first place is Kei.

(Sasaki's home)
Sasaki's mother: I am Youichi's mother. What on earth happened?!

Renjou: Where is Youichi-san?

Sasaki's mother: He locked himself in his room, it's so rare that he comes home, yet once he returned he didn't say a word, he looked strange.

Renjou: Youichi-kun, may I come in? Youichi-kun! You-


Sasaki's mother: (gasps) It came from the storehouse!

(they rush to the storehouse)

Sasaki: Ouch...

Renjou: Rope? Did you want to hang yourself?

Sasaki: Ah!! D-Don't come any closer! If you come near me, I'll use this nail...!

Renjou: Stop with this foolishness!

Sasaki: You tracked me down right! I, I... killed Haibara-san! It's the end!

Renjou: Calm down, Sasaki, throw away that nail! You have no reason to injure yourself!

Sasaki: I'm finished, I killed Haibara-san!!

Renjou: He didn't die, Haibara is in hospital, you didn't kill him!

Sasaki: He didn't die?!

Renjou: Yes, Haibara doesn't blame you for what you did, so return to the dress rehearsal.

Sasaki: You're lying!! He has no reason to forgive me!!

Renjou: Haibara is worried about you, that's why he sent me here!

Sasaki: Who are you?

Renjou: Someone acquainted with Haibara. I didn't tell anyone about this matter, Haibara has said that you're the only one capable of acting out Malcolm!

Sasaki: Impossible! I can't act out Malcolm! Please, just let me go!

Renjou: You still don't understand, do you?! He has high expectations of you, that is why he's so strict with you! He wouldn't say anything to someone whom he feels to be lacking. If he has really abandoned an actor, he will definitely not say anything and just look for a replacement. However he hasn't given up on you and still has hope. Why can't you understand that!!

Sasaki: Ah...

Renjou: Do you wish for Haibara to die? Did you believe that you'd be more at ease if he was dead? There are people who want to be a part of Haibara's stage but can never be able to do it. Yet here you are wanting to kill the person who approves of your worth?!

Sasaki's mother: Please just let him go...

Renjou: It goes without saying that I ought to stab you to death for stabbing Haibara! But I won't do this, because Haibara's wish is for you to stand on the stage. If you're still unwilling to return, I won't stop you, you can go ahead and pierce your neck with that nail!

Sasaki: (cries)

Renjou: Go ahead and stab if you have the guts, you've merely abandoned your own chance, you yourself have abandoned the quality in you that Haibara acknowledges. If you have the guts to discard it then go ahead!

Sasaki: (cries)


Sasaki: This place is called 'Yase no Dangai', the stage for Matsumoto Seichou-san's novel.

Renjou: I know, the last scene of Zero no Shoten.

Sasaki: The first time I stood on the stage, I recalled this place. I find it similar.

Renjou: Oh.

Sasaki: I... That day, when Haibara-san selected me for the role, I was thinking, "No way?!". In order to pay back Haibara-san, I always did my best, but still felt extremely ashamed and very unsatisfied. "He probably wants other people to laugh at me, this man only wants to bully me", I once thought in this way, because I'd been bullied before in secondary school.

Haibara: Forget it! A guy like you who can't comprehend the meaning of bareness, don't think of wearing clothes anymore!

Sasaki: Although that was the last straw, there were actually many other similar instances before that. Haibara-san is a really frightening director. Just three days after the start of the dress rehearsal, very little was left of my self-pride.

Haibara: What have you seen in these 23 years of your life? Your portrayal of Malcolm is like a crude imitation with ludicrous results! Do not utter words that you don't understand yourself, it makes one's stomach churn!! Why don't you just forget it, don't act anymore, return when you've learned a bit of the ways of the world. Your performance leaves one cold.

Sasaki: Why should I let a person I hardly know criticize me to this extent? However, what Haibara-san said was correct, "How does he know?", he had seen through my feelings of inferiority. I was at a loss, in the end I grew less and less confident.

Renjou: Did Haibara say those things on purpose?

Sasaki: Eh?

Renjou: Malcolm is the son of Duncan who was subdued by Macbeth's following. Because he was too young, the military commanders did not have faith in him. I feel that your sense of inferiority is very much like Malcolm.

Sasaki: Huh?!

Renjou: Haibara wanted you to experience Malcolm's feelings of shame, did he ever mention the objective of the performance?

Sasaki: Indeed, he did mention that, he said that Malcolm felt really ashamed of himself because he was aware of his own weakness.

Renjou: Thus Haibara's attack on you is not because you've no experience. In order to allow talented people to concentrate their spirits, I heard that he would increase the tension in the atmosphere of the scene.

Sasaki: So that means Haibara-san really thinks that I... ah, I, what have I done!

Sasaki: Perhaps I was too attached to Haibara-san's opinions, even with other directors I would perform with this childish frame of mind. Compared with thinking of how to grasp the role, I'm more concerned with the director's opinions. I don't have any sense of myself at all.

Renjou: His words seemed to collide with something at the bottom of my heart, something always vexing my thoughts. He appeared to finally awaken from a nightmare, wearing a determined expression on his face, he said

Sasaki: Tomorrow, I will return to the dress rehearsal.

Track 03 - Colosseum

(on the phone)
Kei: So Renjou wasn't the one who did it? Really, Watanabe-san?!
(hangs up)

Kei: The culprit is someone else... What should I do? I jumped to the conclusion that Renjou was the one who did it, and said ruthless things to him...

Sakura: Good morning, Kei-kun.

Kei: Sakura-san?

Sakura: I've come to gather information on the dress rehearsal for the cover article of the magazine. What's the matter? You look pale.

Kei: I... assumed that Renjou was the one who did it, what should I do? It was a serious misunderstanding.

Sakura: ...Ah, good morning Nitobe-san.

Nitobe: Good morning.

Sakura: Whoa... He looked at you with a really frightening expression, don't lose to him, Kei-kun.

Ooyagi: Let us begin the rehearsal.

Sakura: Now, the big duel between the candidate for Auguste and the original Auguste. The perfect source material!

Kei: The dress rehearsal has started, I need to be focused, don't let myself be overwhelmed by Nitobe-san.

Nitobe: Kazuragawa Kei, I want to defeat you!

Kei: I don't want to lose!

Julien: Help me, madame! I took that portrait, I placed it inside a small black chest, hiding it away in the attic.

Mrs. Rênal: Portrait?!

Julien: I was hoping that you could find it and take care of it before Chelan and the rest takes it away. But please do not look at the portrait! That is a secret...

Mrs. Rênal: A secret portrait?! I understand. A small black chest, yes?

Julien: Yes, madame.

Clevino: Right, Mrs. Rênal has promised to do so.

Kei: Nitobe-san...

Julien: Napolean's portrait, if it is found by Rênal...

Clevino: It's all right, Julien. Mrs. Rênal will definitely find that chest.

Julien: I am truly foolish! Words of praise to Napoleon have been written inside that portrait, not only that, it is moistened in blood, furthermore the day before yesterday...

Clevino: You were truly too hasty! If that crafty Rênal finds out that you worship Napoleon...

Sakura: As expected of Nitobe Arata, his acting skills have developed a lot, his portrayal of the character is really distinctive.

Kei: There's still something mixed in with his acting skills, wouldn't that be Auguste?

Clevino: Wherever did your hypocrisy go?

Julien: You won't understand, that beautiful person... ah, I love that person!

Clevino: She will eventually betray you one day, Mrs. Rênal actually despises you, 'You are merely a revolutionary that will be crushed altogether', subdue that woman, like Napoleon!

Julien: There is no hypocrisy in that person's heart! This is the first time I have come across such a forthright and honest person! If she does not hold me in her heart, then there is nothing sadder than this!

Clevino: Take up your arms!! Don't hearken to that sort of idea!!

Julien: Shut your mouth!!

Kei: What should I do? I can't perform like usual, if I'm overwhelmed by his momentum, the sense of Julien won't come out. Whenever I want to project Julien's feelings, I'll be overpowered by his imposing manner.

Sakura: This isn't acting, this a quarrel!

Haibara: I see... so Sasaki said that he'll return?

Renjou: Yes. Are you really checking out of hospital tomorrow?

Haibara: As long as my mouth can move, there will be a way to handle the rest. I've truly given you a lot of trouble, I will repay this favor one day. I still haven't asked your name.

Renjou: I'm not any famous person... I write novels.

Haibara: I see... This is my cellphone number, you can contact me if you've any issues, we can have a meal together if you want. If you are interested, I can ask Watanabe to give you ticket to Macbeth.

(in his car)
Renjou: What 'friend', thinking that I can be Haibara's buddy because he doesn't know who I am? Am I such a spineless man? After doing that, can I still be his friend? It's merely a piece of paper. Have a meal together?! That sort of social manners, I'm not happy at all!! It's just a cellphone number, what am I so happy about. I am a man who is jealous of, yet longs for Haibara's spirit, this is a fact.

(reaches home)
Kei: (gets out of car) Thanks for taking the trouble. (heads up the stairs) I should give Renjou a call and apologize. Although he's a dangerous guy, he won't do something like this, I should have known this. Looks like there's someone standing in front of the door. Renjou?!

Renjou: ...!

Kei: ...Come in.

Renjou: It's fine here, you probably don't wish to see me.

Kei: You'll disturb the neighbors! (they enter Kei's apartment) Why didn't you call me if you wanted to come over, how long have you been standing there in that cold place. I'll go make some coffee.

Renjou: Kei!

Kei: ...I heard, it wasn't you. Because you appeared in that place all of a sudden, I thought you... Sorry!

Renjou: I was the one who stabbed him.

Kei: ...Eh?

Renjou: I was the one who stabbed Haibara.

Kei: You're lying! Haibara-san said it wasn't you.

Renjou: He just wants to cover up for me.

Kei: Why would he want to cover up for you, why are you lying on purpose?

Renjou: I stabbed him because I wanted to feel a little more at ease, I've been jealous of his talent for a long time now, you should know this.

Kei: This can't be.

Renjou: Just as you said, I am a man who will snatch away your dream. So there's no need for you to feel sorry for me.

Kei: You're lying!

Renjou: Do you know what this is?

Kei: Huh?

Renjou: A tapping device.

Kei: !

Renjou: It was installed on the wire outside, apparently someone wants to eavesdrop on your calls.

Kei: Who would do such a thing...

Renjou: Someone probably wants to scoop out information from here to fabricate some gossip, and pull you down. He wants to damage your reputation, then expel you from the theatrical world.

Kei: Don't tell me it's...!

Renjou: In order to obtain the role of Auguste, this person will try to acquire it by hook or crook, your movements have been completely tracked by them. Also, here.

Kei: What is it?

Renjou: A cellphone that will have a line as long as it's within the city, the network formalities have already been handled. For safety's sake, never switch it off.

Kei: Why do you go to this extent... surely it wasn't you!

Renjou: If you don't get to play the role of Auguste, I'll be very vexed, I wasn't planning to be friendly with you.

(Kei grabs onto Renjou)

Renjou: Let go of me, Kei.

Kei: No.

Renjou: Let go of me.

Kei: Don't run, listen to me, I still can't say goodbye to you.

Renjou: Kei...

Kei: I didn't mean to hurt you, I want to save you! You said before that you don't seek reciprocation, that it's fine as long as there are people who like your works. But my intention is not companionship, it's not sympathy, it's not that, to me you are..

Renjou: Just let me go, otherwise I won't be able to control myself. I know why I was jealous of you, it was a feeling of hindrance.

(Renjou leaves)

Kei: Renjou.

Ikebe: Nitobe-kun, your Clevino seems to be harboring some wild schemes to suppress Julien.

Nitobe: (sighs)

Ikebe: Seems like I didn't get my meaning across to you.

Nitobe: I believe that Clevino is an independent personality, Ikebe-sensei, so it's not strange for him to want to subdue Julien. To sum it up, Julien is merely a puppet.

Ikebe: Your Clevino is not what my play wants!

Nitobe: If that's the case! Please temper Julien. If Kazuragawa-kun's acting skills were strong enough, I wouldn't be so especially conspicuous.

(leaves rehearsal hall)

Actor: He has a really poor reputation, no matter what character he plays it'll never work. Headstrong to the point that if we don't go follow his way of thinking, he will be dissatisfied. Seems like he was ruined after playing Auguste.

Ikebe: Although Kazuragawa is earnest, he can't act out when it comes to that scene. It would really be a miracle if we can still rehearse without any mishaps.

Nitobe: The only one who can direct me is Haibara-san.

Otowa: Over here, Arata. How's Kazuragawa? I heard Haibara thinks very highly of him.

Nitobe: How can that be, he's honestly disappointing. Even though he's not completely hopeless, he's not all that great either. If he continues in that way, then it'd really be a big joke.

Otowa: So he's as what the rumors say, he's material for Kurumiya Wataru to ignite?

Nitobe: Seems like it, he fled from the scene during the dress rehearsal. I'll let this ignorant person have a taste of my ferocity. How are the preparations on your side?

Otowa: Going smoothly. If everything goes without a hitch, he will fall from prestige before the first day of the play. Kazuragawa Kei, I will make you disappear from this world.

Somehow I feel like I've butchered Shakespeare's language in this piece, hopefully there won't be any egg-throwing from Shakespeare enthusiasts
Track 04 - MACBETH from the grievous moon

Okuda: Yo, Renjou! Over here, over here!

Renjou: Okuda!

Okuda: It's finally about to begin, Haibara Yuugetsu's version of Macbeth.

Renjou: I never expected that you'd attend the first day of the play.

Okuda: Managed to make it to this Macbeth in a nick of time, it should hurry up and let us pay our respects.

Wataru: Eh, so you came as well?

Kei: Kurumiya-kun?

Wataru: Haibara-san was honestly reckless, he surprisingly moved his sick bed to the place of the dress rehearsal when he should really be in hospital.

Kei: Really?

Wataru: It'd be better to regard him as an eccentric person than a superhuman. Say, your dress rehearsal has started right? Mine will begin tomorrow.

Kei: Medusa's rehearsal?

Wataru: The cast for the Japanese version will be different, so we're all starting from the same line. But I've already grasped the character of Hamill. Sure enough, it's more exhausting for you, Kazuragawa-kun.

Kei: Kurumiya-kun's eyes are sparkling, are actors who have played Hamill before usually this brilliant?

Wataru: What is it like to act together with Auguste? It should feel completely different right?

Kei: I can't say if there's any kind of feeling.

Wataru: Truly makes one feel envious, to be able to stand on the same stage with that Auguste.

Kei: Envy?! You envy my having to stand on the same stage with that troublesome actor?!

Wataru: Nitobe-san is like the original model, if you stand on the same stage as he, you should be able to understand the strength that makes him capable of playing Auguste.

Kei: Completely different from how I think.

Wataru: I'm really looking forward to it! I saw your performance at Shinjuku.

Kei: That monologue? You mean Salomé?

Wataru: Yeah, that one. That guy who was with you was really awesome, who was he?

Kei: Okuda-san? He's Okuda Kazukiyo of the 'Flying Empire'.

Wataru: So that's the guy! He's been very popular lately, I really want to watch one of his performances. I see, so that's who he is... He's not that frightening a person right?

Kei: Eh?

Wataru: Think about it. If there was really no problem with Nitobe-san's acting, Haibara-san wouldn't have replaced him. In other words, he feels that both of us are slightly better.

Kei: Ah...

Wataru: So don't be that afraid, don't look so gloomy. Right, it's starting.

Renjou: The curtains to Haibara's Macbeth have been raised, one of the four famous tragedies of Shakespeare, the numerous feats of the Scottish general - Macbeth, has begun. A story about madness and disaster. Awesome! With the energy breaking out unceasingly, the interpretation of that story, I seem to feel intoxicated just from looking at it, even breathing is a problem. The red and black curtains seem alive, cutting up the space. Furthermore, the performances of the actors are also...

(in the play)
Malcolm: Macduff, those pure tears are indeed proof of honesty. In order to disperse the clouds of darkness confusing the people, I acknowledge this upstanding loyalty of yours. The repulsive Macbeth, wishing to frame me by all sorts of means, for this reason I, Malcolm, cannot lightly trust others. However, let it be, we shall leave our hearts in the hands of God!

Renjou: Is that Sasaki Youichi! What a great performance, Sasaki!

Kei: This person is awesome! I want to play Malcolm as well!

Wataru: I feel so dissatisfied! Why am I not on that stage! I feel so dissatisfied!

(in the play)
Malcolm: I truly thank you all, we invite you to the coronation ceremony at Scone!

(at the after party)
Sasaki: Renjou-san, so you came to watch!

Renjou: Truly brilliant, really! Congratulations.

Sasaki: Thank you very much. This is all due to Renjou-san's help.

Okuda: You... what did you do?

Sasaki: Haibara-san...

Haibara: Truly splendid. Be sure to not slacken tomorrow.

Sasaki: Thank you so much!! (breaks down in front of Haibara)

Renjou: Haibara...

Haibara: So you came. This is my Macbeth.

Renjou: I've been completely defeated, by this man who has the same amount of cells and blood as I have. The stage is truly his strength, just how much talent have the heavens bestowed upon this man. Haibara Yuugetsu.

Wataru: So dissatisfied, I never expected to feel so dissatisfied in watching another's performance.

Kei: I want to stand on that man's stage! But how do I achieve that!

Wataru: I will not say anything, you just listen to the voice of this sword!

Kei: Kurumiya-kun?

Wataru: Come, Macbeth!!

Kei: Regardless of how sharp your sword is, you cannot sever this atmosphere! My life force comes from the enchantment of the moon! I cannot be killed by any man born of a woman!

Wataru: Do you believe that sort of magic to be effective against me? I, Macduff, however, am a man who hacked his way out of his mother's womb before the time of birth.

Kei: Curse you! Those words even suppressed my courage! That hateful man!! I will not trust him anymore!! To go so far as to set up a trap for me to tread on, carrying out your promise on the surface, but forsaking me in the end!! Stop! I do not wish to fight you!!

Wataru: Coward! Then throw down your sword! Live your life as a clown!! Hang your disgraceful attitude on a pole, and write "Here may you see the tyrant!".

Kei: Very well, this is the last touch with luck. Come forth, Macduff! And the first man to shout 'Hold, enough!' will be damned to hell!

Wataru: Kazuragawa Kei!

Kei: Kurumiya Wataru!

(Track 05 - Get the Dog Heart)

Track 06 - My Dear 'Auguste'

Okuda: If that brat Nitobe doesn't come to his senses, he'll be expelled from the theatrical circle.

Renjou: He just got a very large shock.

Okuda: However this depends on his own performance, his management office pampered him too much. Never having had a taste of suffering, that's why that kid reacted in this way.

Renjou: He still has that sort of strength.

Okuda: I'm really looking forward to this duel, however... Really! If they give boring performances, I will personally go to their management offices and beat them up! I'm serious, Renjou!

Renjou: Hey, over there, isn't that...

Okuda: Ah? Looks like Nitobe, what is he doing? Staring at his feet in that sort of place.

Renjou: Below are the railway tracks. Don't tell me he's...!

Okuda: That idiot! He wants to jump onto the tracks. Hey! Do you want to die?!

Renjou: Hey, don't do it!! Nitobe!! Don't do it!!

Okuda: This idiot!

Renjou: What are you trying to do, Nitobe!

Okuda: Hey, what's wrong with you?! Just his sunglasses and scarf dropped in right? Hey!! Idiot!! Do you still want to jump down?!

Nitobe: Let go of me! I have to die! Let go of me!!

Okuda: Your naiveté needs a limit!

Renjou: After bringing him to the rehearsal hall of the 'Flying Empire', Nitobe's appearance was extremely unsightly. He had a miserable expression on his face, he looked like an aged person, no matter how one looked at him the image of Auguste could not be seen at all. Why did he end up like this?

Renjou: Were you planning to mock Haibara?

Nitobe: Why did you stop me...

Renjou: If you were to jump on the tracks and commit suicide as well, not even Haibara can take it.

Nitobe: Are you referring to Fujisaki-san? I wasn't planning to do that...

Renjou: Then why?

Nitobe: Because Haibara-san told me to 'go and die'...

Renjou: What did you say?

Nitobe: If I die, Haibara-san will then acknowledge me. As long as I'm Auguste then it's fine, regardless of whether I'm awake or asleep. But the only place where I can become Auguste is on the stage, I have to stand on the stage.

Okuda: What are you talking about?

Nitobe: As long as I can play Auguste, I can give up money or even my reputation, it doesn't even matter if my name is not written on the cast listing, I only want to read Auguste's lines.

Okuda: You...

Nitobe: At Haibara-san's side, I was successful in my performance. Even if you despise me for being so dependent on Auguste to live, I only want to play Auguste. Ever since I played Auguste, no matter what other character I portray I always feel like I'm wearing a mask as I perform, nothing can arouse any response inside me. My acting skills grew more mediocre, the more I tried to tackle different plays, the more I realized that I only want to be Auguste, feeling more and more pained that I can't become an actor.

Renjou: Nitobe...

Nitobe: I know, looking back at a show that has already ended is useless, it'll merely cause myself to fall behind other people. Even though I've thought of breaking away from Auguste, however as long as there's a staging of Divine Red it's like a perished soul bothering me! Even if I depart from theater, even if I can't be an actor anymore, I don't care! It doesn't matter if I can't be a performer! As long as I can be Auguste!! I thought there would be an opportunity, thus I tolerated because I believed that there'll be a subsequent staging, but... Haibara-san however...

Renjou: Nitobe...

Nitobe: If he'll only allow me to play Auguste after I die, then I'll jump onto the tracks no matter how many times it takes! So please let me play Auguste!! I don't have any other request!!

Renjou: Nitobe definitely didn't become arrogant, more so he isn't performing because of any wild schemes. This is a deep withdrawal symptom, his thoughts have been engulfed by Auguste.

Nitobe: ...During the dress rehearsal, I clasped Kazuragawa's neck not because I hate him, just that whenever I see him I feel like killing him from the bottom of my heart.

Renjou: Nitobe!

Nitobe: Even if I have to kill him I want to take it back. But if I can't be Auguste even if I kill Kazuragawa, it's better that I die.

Renjou: Unexpectedly compelling an actor to this degree, what on earth is Divine Red! How cruel, as long as this man who is so attached to Auguste exists, you can never realize your desire, Kei.

Okuda: Come, Nitobe.

Nitobe: Ah?

Okuda: If you want to play Auguste so much, I'll let you portray him until you've had enough. You are Auguste Horwill, I am Claudius Juneau, let us perform Divine Red.

Renjou: Okuda!

(Okuda warming up with voice exercises)
Okuda: Hey, can you say your lines in that sort of condition? Warm up your voice.

Renjou: Are you serious, Okuda?

Okuda: Now, which segment do you want to act out? Take your pick.

Nitobe: You won't do, do you take me for a fool?! Not to mention that there is no prompt around.

Okuda: I won't need the prompt.

Nitobe: Have you remembered all the lines in Divine Red?! Do you think you've stood on the stage of Divine Red before?!

Okuda: So it's not possible for someone who has never stood on that stage to remember the script? Let me make this clear, my Claudius is different from Sakaguchi-san's.

Nitobe: But... Haibara-san has forbade me from reading those lines.

Okuda: This place is my empire. Do you want to act or not!

Nitobe: I want to act! ... please let me act...

Claudius: What is he up to, this scent of blood! A red... this is not paint, it is blood! Hey, pull yourself together! Is this your blood!

Auguste: Because I don't have any paint...

Claudius: Auguste!

Renjou: It has finally begun, Haibara Yuugetsu's Divine Red, court painter Claudius Juneau's jealousy of a genius artist Auguste Horwill, a story about his love and hate.

Claudius: You are really a madman, even if you don't do this, wouldn't you be able to paint again once you leave prison?

Auguste: Only now! It won't do if it isn't now, I feel this hand assimilating with God right now. If I miss this moment, this perfect streak will slip from my body and never return!

Claudius: Damn it! This beast is far from what I imagined, does he intend to exhaust all the blood in his body? What a disgusting lunatic! Are you not afraid of death?

Auguste: Is there anything I should be afraid of? There is nothing more frightening than having these divine hands stripped away from me. I don't even mind dying in this prison. But, what is cruel is that I do not have a brush or a canvas! Let me paint! Let me paint!!

Claudius: I understand, then paint! Paint on this very wall!

Renjou: That day, I fell inside the abyss of blood, the stage of destiny! That was the Auguste of that time. A genius is a genius, the dazzling sun, and, Okuda's interpretation of Claudius, is different from Haibara's. The one standing there is me, isn't he portraying my self?!

Claudius: Truly frightful... finding a person with a divine hand, I lost the meaning of my existence. I want to kill you, Auguste! I want to destroy your talent! I don't love you, however I love your artistic talent!

Renjou: That is exactly how I feel, that is exactly the way I think of Haibara! Why, Haibara! Those words are something that I should have written!

Auguste: Father... I was intoxicated with depicting that golden yellow of the sunflower, as a result I wasn't at my mother's side when she died, letting her leave by herself. Jan also hung himself. After killing the person that I love the most in this world, I can't believe I'm still painting, still drawing that lingering countenance.

Claudius: Weep, Auguste... The blood of all the people that you love are your drawing instruments. If painting is a type of sin, then paint that sin. Paint, Auguste, for my sake...

(Chopin's Op.10 No. 12 'Revolutionary' Etude)

Renjou: Haibara...

Wataru: Can I ask you something, Haibara-san?

Haibara: What is it?

Wataru: Why don't you personally guide Kazuragawa-kun? Like how you groomed me, you should personally train Kazuragawa-kun. Haibara-san, you seem very afraid of letting Kazuragawa-kun near you.

Haibara: ...!

Wataru: Sorry if my words are strange. But even if what I say is strange, this is extremely disadvantageous to Kazuragawa-kun. Compared with my skills which were tempered by Haibara-san, he's honestly too behind.

Haibara: I won't direct someone who has no chance of standing on my stage.

Wataru: Are you thinking of Fujisaki-san? Watanabe-san mentioned that Kazuragawa-kun has something very similar to Fujisaki-san.

Haibara: ...He doesn't resemble Fujisaki.

Wataru: He unexpectedly jumped onto the tracks during the dress rehearsal, both of his legs were crushed and severed, and thereafter left the theatrical stage. Haibara-san, I heard that you have persistently worn black clothes ever since Fujisaki-san's accident, the reason you wear high-neck shirts as though you want to conceal your heart is also because Fujisaki-san...

(Haibara pushes Wataru against a wall)

Haibara: What I hate the most are people who like to guess their way into the heart of the matter!!

Wataru: Haibara-san...

Okuda: How are you now? Have you vented enough?

Nitobe: Yes...

Okuda: There's no denying that your strength is greater than Kazuragawa's, but you seem too immersed in Auguste and forgot one very important matter.

Nitobe: Important matter? That's impossible, I didn't one bit-

Okuda: It's the audience.

Nitobe: Ah?

Okuda: I don't think Haibara will use an Auguste that doesn't welcome the audience in.

Nitobe: The audience...?

Okuda: Also, if you continue as you are now, you will lose to Kazuragawa.

Nitobe: Lose? Me? Just what is it that Kazuragawa has that I lack?!

Okuda: This is an answer that you can only find on the stage. You won't know from just a dress rehearsal.

Renjou: Okuda.

Okuda: That guy is still an actor, there's no mistake. I don't want to ruin him even if it's for Kazuragawa's sake.

Renjou: Your Claudius...

Okuda: It won't do unless it's me right.

Renjou: Okuda...

Okuda: Has he gone home?

Renjou: He left a note.

(on the paper)
Nitobe: Thank you very much, Nitobe Arata.

Okuda: He even wrote his name, he'll be fine.

Track 07 - Le Sacre du Printemps

Otowa: You still can't get in touch with Arata?! That news will be announced tomorrow, if the most important person isn't there then wouldn't all that hard work have gone to waste?! Anyway, I will definitely destroy Kazuragawa, not only that he'll disgrace Haibara. Just you wait and see, Kazuragawa Kei, tomorrow is the day when you'll be finished!

Actor: Thanks for the treat, Mamiya-san, see you at the dress rehearsal!

Mamiya: Goodnight. Sorry for making you stay up this late, Kazuragawa-kun.

Kei: It's okay, the food was really great.

Mamiya: This is for you. You can eat it when you return home. Julien...

Kei: L'air du Temps perfume, Mother's fragrance...

Mamiya: I love you... Julien...

Kei: I...

Mamiya: Ah, I, what am I doing, sorry Kazuragawa-kun, once I act in a play I'll tend to confuse myself with the character. I don't mean anything strange, therefore...

Kei: Mamiya-san?

Mamiya: Therefore...

(Mamiya kisses Kei)

Mamiya: Kazuragawa-kun...

Kei: Mo...Mother.

Mamiya: Kazuragawa-kun!!

(Kei runs off)

Kei: What... I remembered something, seems like I recalled something that I shouldn't remember. L'air du Temps' fragrance, Mother's...

Renjou: Why wasn't Divine Red written by me? I want Kei to be the spokesman for all the things that we can't achieve. I believe only Kei can portray Auguste. I'm too frivolous, don't tell me as long as Kei has the intention then it'll be fine? When will I be able to make him say "Compared with Haibara, your script interests me more"?

(doorbell ringing)

Renjou: Who could it be at this hour.

(opens door)

Renjou: Kei!

Kei: Renjou, where's Hotaru?


Kei: Ah... Hotaru...

Renjou: What's the matter? Did you run into any trouble?

Kei: Nothing's changed, I was done with work. I didn't mean to disturb you.

Renjou: You look like you fled all the way here from some trouble, I can't just ignore it.

Kei: What I'm thinking doesn't concern you.

(Renjou grabs hold of Kei's jaw)
Renjou: There's lipstick on your mouth, did you just kiss someone?

Kei: It was during the rehearsal.

Renjou: You're currently being monitored by others, don't do anything careless... Kei.

(Kei kisses Renjou then pushes him away)

Kei: Ah...

Renjou: Kei! Kei!!

(Kei runs away)

Kei: Stay away! Don't follow me, don't follow me, Renjou!!

Renjou: The tempest of spring appears to be swiftly approaching. What sort of spring? A cruel spring.

Nitobe: Kazuragawa Kei, I have to identify that guy's true colors!

Kei: The guy asleep at the bottom of my heart is trying to awaken, I want to hurry and stand on the stage. That place which is more dazzling than anywhere else, the place where my life force is ignited, the place awaiting applause. Please take me there, take me to that place! To the stage!

This is almost like a summary of Vol 5
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